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€51.00 / m.
Tax included

A new and at the same time original carpet with very thin and extremely durable fibers, in a variety of pale and earthy shades, with a pile height of 40 mm and a texture like real fur. Warm and soft, one touch on this rug is enough to make you love it. Excellent choice for bedroom, living room and dining room.


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€51.00 / m.
Tax included

HEIGHT OF PELUS: 40 mm. A modern look for those who have always been lovers of high aesthetics.

LUXURY OF LUXURY 5: The very soft rich hair of the Monti carpet will simply highlight its aristocratic appearance in your space, while it will always pleasantly surprise you with its generous warmth and warmth. A rug of first choice for placement in the dining room, living room and bedroom, which harmoniously matches modern and minimal style in your space.

WEIGHT: Its total weight is 2,400 gr per square meter.

COMPOSITION: The composition of the carpets is Polyester Micro + Polyester Shrink.

PROCESSING: The processing is ideal, the threads are well paved and in combination with their flexibility, resistance is created in the sinking of the pile and maintaining the volume of the whole in a great depth of time.

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